who we

We are Melbourne based communication design agency. We are striving to be your reliable business partner to accompany you on your road to success.

we make the

We believe in innovating to make things better.
Simplifying to make life easier. Collaborating to do things together. Serving to put others first.

Less is more

Our name reflects our less-is-more design style, but also our refreshingly down to earth and plain language approach to projects. We’re commercially focused and have a proven track record of delivering value to and increasing the profitability of our clients.

Focused on relationships, not projects.

We focus on building long term genuine relationships, not on short term projects. We recognise that you come to us with high expectations, and we’re confident of delivering a project outcome that exceeds these.

team of

Fictiv is a multicultural, multinational and multi-discipline team of individuals who come together to form one team with a focused mission: to create.